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Patricia and Amber

Client Testimonials

I am so glad I found you. You gave me a good workout last night and I am a little sore, but I feel so good this morning. I did not take any muscle relaxants or painkillers last night and had a good sleep. I just feel awesome this morning!! I have not felt this good for months. I will definitely see you again.
Thanks again


Hı Amber,

Thank you very much for the great massage therapy!

I work sıttıng all day ın an offıce. I get back paın very often and unable to sıt or stand up rıght..

After your fırst massage, ı was able walk out of the offıce standıng up properly wıth no paın. I can't thank you enough for your healıng and carıng massage!!!

 Lookıng forward to our next sessıon